We have extensive experience and expertise in architecting and designing communications networks for multinational organisations in challenging industries (e.g. financial services and telcos).

We are able to integrate these networks with hosted and virtualised services.

We assist clients to conceptualise and build communications network infrastructure with:

  • • High-availability
  • • Modularity
  • • Scalable capacity
  • • Ease of operations.

We are able to translate the requirements into a viable and relevant network architecture through the use of our industry-aligned design approach. Furthermore, we align this to the established organisation roadmaps which ensures the correct context is created and subsequently applied. We collaborate with internal and external technical resources to develop and implement the required solutions. We provide networking packet analysis and security consulting. We offer methods and procedures to be followed when implementing complex or new technologies to enhance performance. We actively participate in migrations and implementations on all turnkey projects.

As we are product and brand agnostic, we are able to work across a multitude of products, suppliers and manufacturers to provide our clients with the solutions relevant to their needs.

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