IoT Overview

The solution comprises a range of sensors which have no wires, have a compact design, communicates wirelessly via a gateway and is quick to deploy. Our range of sensors measure temperature, humidity, power, smoke, door contact, occupancy, water and optics.

The data collected by the sensors is made available real time via a portal or event notifications. Based on real time an organisation is able to monitor exceptions and has the data to make more informed decisions which ultimately results in quantitative financial benefits.

We are pleased to announce that a leading data centre client will be implementing our temperature sensors at rack level and will begin realising the benefits of our solution, since cooling represents 30% of a data centres operating cost. Improve your profitability and return on investment.

Our latest power monitoring solution the PowAlert® which communicates using a secure and encrypted connection to the PowaINFRA® gateway. The gateway in turn uses a M2M network to transmit the collected metrics to a DS cloud portal.

The web portal displays the metrics associated with the PowAlert that is installed within its environment. A few beneficial factors is it provides uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics, reports the energy usage in kW/h and provides a historical record of power quality, this device is unique in that it has remote Power On Reset (POR) of the attached equipment and has the ability to detect and notify utility power failure or remote devise failure.

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