Company Overview

Dee Smith and Associates (DS&A) is a South African company founded in 2010. With an array of skillsets and a reputation for high levels of expertise, we provide specialist I.T. consulting, training and service aggregation. We strive to be the trusted information technology consulting partner of choice. We continuously deliver results.

The majority of our team each have more than 20 years’ experience in multiple I.T. disciplines, supported by a proven track record of successful delivery. This makes Dee Smith and Associates a strong I.T. implementation partner. Coupled with an extensive network of partners and associates, established across industries over many years, we are well positioned to deliver on our promises.

Our organisation currently operates across Africa and in multiple industries such as property, telecommunications, financial services and the public sector. Our principal consultants have international working experience and are well versed in their respective fields of expertise with the ability to apply their acquired skillsets in any environment across the world irrespective of location, complexity and size.

To uniquely identify the company within the market, Dee Smith & Associates has a trademarked logo as evidenced in this company profile. This trademark branding is the primary identifier of the company.

Our Directors


Managing Director

I love data centres. Big ones. Small ones. All types. I dig them all! I talk to anybody about data centres – what makes them work and what doesn’t.

I talk about design, redundancy, resilience, future-proofing, testing, commissioning, fixing, mission-critical, problems, operational excellence, standards, efficiency, effectiveness, certification, audits, assessments, growth, models, theories, practicality, risk management, solutions, old technology, new technology, proven technology, pie-in-the-sky, realism, strategy, pragmatism, off-the-wall-ism, successes, failures (yip, that too!), rebirthing the old ones and making them new, taking bad ones and helping them become great. I love to share what I know.

Oh, I am also the managing director of this IT consulting company with an office in Johannesburg, South Africa and, soon, in McLean, Virginia, USA. We have a great team of experts and we have access to the world’s best. I know we can deliver on what is required – every time.

A Passion For Excellence

“Passion for excellence and visible results are key to successful execution. These principles are core to our company. We are a niche, agile company – passionate about doing I.T. right first time. We listen. We act. We learn. We serve our clients. We succeed. Clients are our partners with whom we forge long-lasting relationships founded on mutual trust and respect.”

~ Deidré Smith ~ Former Managing Director ~

Business Associates & Clients