Welcome to DS – engage with experienced Datasmiths
Welcome to DS – engage with experienced Datasmiths
Our vision is to strive to be your trusted advisor and execution partner of choice.
Our Mission
Our Mission
Through our extensive, selected partner network, we are able to advise and deliver on your requirements by bringing together the most relevant industry of specialized skills & experience required to deliver your needs. We have the people, methodologies and experience to deliver. We have a proven track record to back us up, we are about excellence, we are about teams, we are about partnering. Our customers define us!

Our Values
Our Values
We believe in meritocracy and that people are unique, so we put together specialists to ensure we achieve excellence in everything we do. We learn, we educate, we speak up, we grow our people, your organization and industry.

Company Overview

Dee Smith and Associates (DS&A) is a South African company founded in 2010. With an array of skillsets and a reputation for high levels of expertise, we provide specialist I.T. consulting, training and service aggregation. We strive to be the trusted information technology consulting partner of choice. We continuously deliver results.

Our organisation currently operates across Africa and in multiple industries such as property, telecommunications, financial services and the public sector.

Our Services

The solution comprises a range of sensors which have no wires, have a compact design, communicates wirelessly via a gateway and is quick to deploy...
Data Centres
It is our aim to improve the overall level of data centre services being offered to the African market...
Whether it’s bid management, crisis management or contract management - we have highly credible experts who are available to establish or remediate your IT operations...


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