Socio-economic Development:

Datasmiths is fully committed to the precept of good corporate citizenship. The company’s socio-economic development initiatives focus primarily on making education accessible to the country’s youth by sponsoring a student each year affording them with the opportunity of furthering their studies and obtaining applicable life skills.

Bursary Programme:

 Through our Bursary Programme, we’ve made it possible for a learner to realise their dream of completing a certification of their choice. We have sponsored a young lady to attend hairdressing school and she now earns an independent living using the skills gained. We are currently also sponsoring another learner to attend a 2 year IT training course at Boston City College. We have also sponsored his equipment and his living expenses to ensure that he can focus on educating himself.



Other Initiatives:

Whilst we are a small company, we also sponsor and donate goods to other deserving NGOs at least annually in order to benefit the community more broadly. The last recipient of this grant was Ububele Educational and Psychotherapy Trust.