The key to any successful breach is the exploitation of an identified vulnerability. The vulnerabilities that exist in your organisations applications and systems increase the likelihood of your data being compromised. An awareness of these vulnerabilities enables you to mitigate these risks and enhance your security posture.

The Dee Smith and Associates Vulnerability Scanning Service (VSS) is a solution built on industry leading vulnerability scanning engines. This functionaility has been extended through a customised, intuitive and powerful management interface. The VSS service is intended to simplify the management of vulnerability information through its lifecycle, and provide stakeholders (at all levels) with access to relevant and appropriate information and metric regarding the security posture of their ICT estate.

VSS has been developed with a focus on ease of use and operational accessibility and includes the following features:

  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Mutliple interactive data filters and views
  • Vulnerability lifecycle tracking and management
  • Stakeholder collaboration tools
  • One-click access to frequently used graphs
  • Easy access to executive summary reports
  • Granular technical reports

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