Your IT department is responsible for running a myriad of services and systems including:
  • Active Directory;
  • Exchange; and
  • SQL.

In addition to these your team also needs to manage file servers used for internal sharing and VMware servers for virtualisation amongst others. Keeping all of these systems running requires a number of administrators each of whom may be required to make multiple changes each day. This poses a challenge – how do you keep track of who made what change and when the change was made?

  • Manually going through multiple event logs – not feasible
  • Waiting for an audit report or a security incident to occur – too late

Our solution tells you when changes are made, who made them and what was changed. Whether an OU (Organisational Unit) is modified or deleted, permissions are modified or new database administrators added our solution keeps track of each change and notifies you. To maintain compliance, ensure security or just keep informed of changes to your environment, contact Datasmiths for a demo today.

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