August 30, 2017 – September 1, 2017 all-day
R13,053.00 (Incl VAT)
Lee Smith
+27 11 010 0009

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The primary audience is any IT, facilities or data centre operations professional working in and around the data centre (both end-customers and/or service provider/facilitators) and having to handle data centre migration projects and/or data centre strategies. These include Project Managers, Data Centre Managers, Operations/Floor/Facility Managers, IT Managers, Network/System Engineers, Data Centre Sales/Consultants, Logistic Managers.

Prerequisite: None
Days: 3

Data centre migration is a challenge faced by an increasing number of organisations who are relocating their data centre due to space, power and/or cooling limitations of their current facilities. A data centre move could also be due to other considerations such as consolidation of multiple data centre sites and/or targeting lower cost of operation (Opex) by improving efficiency and other initiatives. Data centre migration is an exceptionally high-risk undertaking. Most data centre professionals have never done this before.

Some professionals have done it only a few times in their life. The level of effort required in the planning and discovery phases is directly proportionate to the amount of risk mitigated. It is an exercise that requires collaboration and interfacing with various stakeholders in the organisation – some for the
first time ever.

The Data Centre Migration Specialist course is a two-day course designed to expose participants to all aspects of a data centre migration. It provides a step-by-step methodology which will enable them to reduce the risks involved in such a complex undertaking. It will also provide participants with valuable and practical hints and tips used by seasoned data centre  professionals who have done multiple complex migrations.