Design & Build

We provide data centre design skills. We ensure that the data centre build or refurbishment exercise meets the requirements of the business whilst taking into account the local influences and international best practice guidelines and standards. We conduct design evaluation and ensure the design is validated against appropriate international and local standards such as TIA-942.

Having done several migrations and refurbishments, experience dictates that any successful migration is reliant upon detailed planning and alignment with your environment’s unique business requirements in order to ensure successful execution. We are able to provide skills in the planning arena to ensure that it is both thorough and risk based.

We deliver assessment services aimed at newly built facilities as well as existing facilities. A standards-based assessment ensures that your facility is benchmarked against international standards, taking into account local code considerations and best practice guidelines.

Our staff has delivered training in countries such as India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Kenya. Through our well established partnership with EPI, our market offering is further strengthened, thus providing additional global expertise, as and when required.

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