Audits and General Assessments

DS has conducted a number of general assessments since 2010. Our approach is completely impartial. We ensure that the integrity of the published standards and globally accepted best practices are upheld irrespective of the assessment’s final result. Data centre sizes ranging from 50m2 to data centres in excess of 1,000m2 have been assessed for clients.

The general assessment takes into consideration the various aspects from a number of data centre standards, guidelines and principles.

Through our partnership with EPI, data centre audits based on the TIA-942 standard can also be conducted. EPI are the only organisation recognised by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) to conduct audits based on their data centre standard. Should you require an audit which is based on TIA-942, our organisation is uniquely positioned to provide you with this service.

Lee Smith, our principle data centre assessor, is an EPI/EXIN Certified Data Centre Expert (CDCE®), Data Centre Design Course Instructor and an Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designer (ATD®). His experience in the field of data centre design, management and operations is highly regarded in the industry. To date he has been involved in four Uptime data centre certification exercises in South Africa – both for Tier-IV and Tier-III data centres. These have been for design document certifications and certification of the constructed facility. Should you have the need for a data centre certification which is based on Uptime Institute, our facilitation experience can also assist you in this regard.

Our exposure to data centre design and management, combined with many years of experience in the ICT and Data Centre environment, affords us the opportunity to look at the data centre and provide our clients with information that is relevant and solution based.

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