Whether it’s small in size or large, data centre design and operation today has become a science which is based on established principles, standards and global best practice. The presence of many standards, guidelines and principles can make data centre design a complex exercise.

Our organisation will assist and guide you in navigating the path to a better designed, better built and improved operational and managed data centre. Even if you already have an established data centre infrastructure, we are able to identify your exposure to design and operational risks and subsequently guide you along the path of risk mitigation and the overall improvement of site operational management.

We proudly partner with the most recognised international data centre organisations in terms of data centre design certifications, facility certifications and operations management certifications. We apply the correct standards and guidelines to ensure that you receive the best and most relevant information at hand. Our design and engineering partners have all been involved in previously certified data centres. Collectively we understand the level of investment and commitment required to ensure that a data centre lives up to the expectations of our/your clients.

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